Privacy Policy

Gensan IT Solutions has developed this privacy statement in the hopes of validating our commitment to confidentiality to our clients who use the Gensan IT Solutions online services. These services consist of shared web hosting, virtual private servers, web development, data backups and dedicated solutions. This privacy policy dictates the methods in which Gensan IT Solutions preserves, maintains and divulges information gathered from its clients.

I. Privacy

Here at Gensan IT Solutions we are devoted to the art of crafting long lasting relationships based primarily on trust and maintaining a continued confidence in us. As such, Gensan IT Solutions has and will continue to do anything and everything in its control to warrant that your right to privacy is preserved. In an effort to provide full disclosure we are not directing our services at anyone under the age of thirteen.

II. Data We Gather

On occasion Gensan IT Solutions requests and gathers personal information from our clients through a variation of different methods. These consist of online entry forms for ordering products and services, and other instances such as requesting contact from or communication with Gensan IT Solutions.

The data we gather is undeniably personal and identifies you individually; however it plays a commanding role in conducting business online in a secure manner.

Some of the data gathered can consist of but is not limited to:

  • Complete address and location
  • Personal and company web addresses
  • Given name and surname
  • E-mail addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Credit card information
  • Other billing information

Although rare, on occasion Gensan IT Solutions may gather data about how our clients access our services using tracking identifiers which are exclusive to each client through the use of cookies or other similar means. This data is not publically disclosed and remains an important aspect in bettering our services for our valued clients.

III. What exactly are Cookies?

A cookie can be fundamentally defined as a piece of data that is stored on the clients computer and tied directly to information about that specific client. Gensan IT Solutions on occasion can make use of both session identifier cookies as well as persistent cookies. With session identifier cookies once the browser is closed or logged out of, the cookie is automatically erased. A persistent cookie on the other hand is a minor text file that is stored on your hard drive for a prolonged period of time.

By using our services you are agreeing to the overall acceptance of this privacy policy and therefore our use of cookies. At any time feel free to review your browsers help file to gather the instructions necessary to remove these persistent cookies, however please keep in mind they are only being used in the first place to stream line the interaction and better our services for our clients.

Specifically session identifier cookies can be used by Gensan IT Solutions to monitor user preferences while the client is using our services. This directly saves server processing resources and therefore minimizes load times. Persistent cookies on the other hand can be used to store for example choices regarding if you want your password remembered as well as other similar decisions. The cookies Gensan IT Solutions chooses to use on our website does not contain individually distinguishable data and are always used for overall client benefit.

IV. Log Files

Similar to most websites out there, Gensan IT Solutions uses log files for both security and in an effort to streamline our services. This is a form of data gathering which may include such information as internet protocol addresses, internet service provider, browser type and version, referring and exit pages, platform, date and time stamp, number of clicks for trend analyzing as well as gathering very broad demographic information. Similar to the cookie scenario none of the information stored in these log files contain individually distinguishable data.

V. How does Gensan IT Solutions use this information?

Gensan IT Solutions may use any of the individually distinguishable data after taking client preferences into consideration to contact our clients concerning services offered by Gensan IT Solutions and services the client is currently enrolled with through business partners, affiliates or independent contractors.

Again similar to the cookie scenario Gensan IT Solutions may use any of the gathered data for examination on the success of our services and advertising efforts. Under no condition other than legal action or our client specifically authorizing such disclosures will Gensan IT Solutions ever in any way share this information with a third party.

VI. Disclosure of Data

Although unlikely and not in the foreseeable future, Gensan IT Solutions does reserve the right to disclose completely anonymous data to investors and/or possible partners. In this case purely basic information will be disclosed and individually distinguishable data will remain completely private. In the case of Gensan IT Solutions being sold, the information collected from out clients may be transferred to the new owners under the condition individually distinguishable data remains private.

VII. Newsletters, Special Offers and Updates

On occasion our clients may receive details on special offers, general newsletters denoting our up and coming business decisions as well as service updates. These updates can consist of but are not limited to maintenance, potential service outages or account suspension communications. Other than completely necessary information directly regarding our clients services, there is always an option to opt out of such general news and updates

VIII. Legal Disclaimer

Although Gensan IT Solutions takes every precaution in an effort to maintain your confidentiality, on occasion a need may arise where we can and should disclose personally identifiable information when required by law. These actions will occur only if there is a serious belief that it is completely necessary and required in order to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process served to Gensan IT Solutions.

On occasion our clients may also find links to other websites through the Gensan IT Solutions site or through other correspondence. It is our clients responsibility to be aware that Gensan IT Solutions cannot control the privacy policies of these other sites. Read the privacy policies of websites that collect personally identifiable data thoroughly and be aware of how it can or is distributed. This privacy policy as indicated herein is applicable only to the data collected by Gensan IT Solutions.

IX. Data Upkeep

The majority of the data given to Gensan IT Solutions is saved forever and for security and data preservation reasons may be saved on more than one database and may be directly or indirectly sustained by Gensan IT Solutions.

Though impossible to absolutely guarantee that misuse, abuse, adjustment or loss to the data will not occur; Gensan IT Solutions employs every possible effort to avert such incidences. When considering the predominantly delicate information that credit card numbers possess, they are encrypted prior to the transfer by you to Gensan IT Solutions to further prevent any possible misuse.

X. Your Responsibility

As with any personal account information you alongside the rest of our clients are responsible on an individual basis for maintaining the security of the login information. This information can consist of but is not limited to usernames and passwords that give access to personal and private information with Gensan IT Solutions. A valuable life lesson many of us learn far too late; keep your login information safe and NEVER share it with others. Under no condition will Gensan IT Solutions or any of its employees ever ask for your password.

Another equally important aspect and personal responsibly to maintaining your data security here at Gensan IT Solutions is to educate yourself on mischievous software and potential scams. Key loggers, viruses and a collection of other scams can seize your information from where you access your Gensan IT Solutions services. For this reason it is necessary to understand your own risks from personal devices and continue to maintain the highest level of security possible. Additionally when accessing Gensan IT Solutions services from devices not of your ownership you should take additional precautions and always remember to log out when you are not using them.

XI. Questions, Concerns and Comments

As with any of our policies and services we offer here at Gensan IT Solutions we are always anxiously awaiting customer feedback on how to improve anything we do. If there are any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to Contact Us immediately and let us know what we can do to make your Gensan IT Solutions experience even better.

Although Gensan IT Solutions makes a conscious effort to keep our clients in the loop on any changes to this Privacy Policy that may occur, it remains possible that it can be changed without notice. It is your responsibility to review the policy regularly and communicate any discrepancies you may find.